Windy City? Chicago? Pshah!! Nothing Compares to JUAREZ!!!

Winds up to 31 mph are brushing through the city... as it always does when the Lent season is upon us. It's no surprise that a very common Mexican saying is "Me hace lo que el viento a Juarez" (It affects me like wind does Juarez).

First of all, TKT has to be postponed. The delay fee was DENIED DENIED DENIED! So, now we're gonna do the exam on June 20th. Some of my teachers already know. But the others don't. Tomorrow I shall have a meeting with Mr Lombardi (I dunno why I keep calling My boss that) about what to do. I think that I'll talk to the teachers AFTER spring break (SHEAH BABY!! OUR SPRING BREAK IS IN ONE WEEK!!! WOO-HOO!!! AND WE GOT PAID FOR IT THIS TIME!!! SHEAAAAH!!! COM'ON GIRLS! WE'RE GONNA GO OUT AND WIGGLE ON PANDA'S GONE WILD VIDEO!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOHHHH!!!!!!!) ... Yes, I think that's the most civilized way to go with this.

Yesterday evening, the school was left with no internet service because they were fixing the phone line. But that's not even the highlight of the day. Angie wanted to see me... and tell me about her work at the Master's. She's doing this presentation with vaginas. Yep... and then she showed me one that's very cool and that was done in the Brooklyn Museum by Elizabeth A. Sackler, The Dinner Party It's awesome. It has all these vaginas done in porcelain and they are the "serving", right? But all of them represent a famous or influential (I rather say) female in history. Check it out, it's rather cool.

Tomorrow is day 2 in my MA. I am such a nerd! I have done homework and done some plus-side research on the topics of tomorrow's class AND have pasted it on my notebook. Ha ha ha! I just need the Star Wars T-shirt with nacho cheese stains on it, the awesome skills in video games, and the crooked glasses. This reminds me that I need glasses; my old pair got destroyed in the name of art (I disguised myself as John Lennon for an Art class... and students had to ask questions about my life as an artist. It was rather interesting, I never knew John Lennon could be so Mexa).

Aunt Nina is coming next Sunday. So, expect bitter, sleep-deprived entries for about two to three weeks. I don't know why she's coming. She just left! Why, God! WHYYY? MENDOZA!!!!

... wonder if "killed by panda who thought she was bamboo" is a good defense for a trial?


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