30 Days of Truth.... DAY TWO

Okay, so it's day TWO in this challenge. Again, if you just joined me, this challenge got picked up on miss Cattra Shadow's blog, Reflections under the Magical Tree. The key here is to tell the undeniable truth about yourself for thirty days. I am up to day TWO.

You can copy-paste the days and their objective on DAY ONE post... if you DARE!!

So, here we go, let's move on to THIRTY DAYS OF TRUTH, DAY TWO!!!

Day Two: Something You Love About Yourself.

I love my sense of humor. I do. I love how I can look at a situation and find the silver light, even when it seems there is none. I think it's one of my better traits, the way I can  bring a laugh to anyone at any given time.I think laughter is the healthiest way to carry on with the burdens of life -- any one of them. So, if I can contribute to making your cross a little less heavy by making you laugh about it, by God, I will make you PEE!!! :D


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