Casual Friday

Life is something that everyone should try at least once

Henry J. Tillman

It's Friday. Man! Even the birds sing great today! I bet broccoli tastes awesome too! (no, com'on, let's not get crazy here...) And in the University, it's ye old Placement Exam Day.

Every year, the university students take a test to see what's their level. By school policy, we don't do them on the 1st week of class. All students are given a kardex where they program the English class according to what the system (NOT the teachers) says they should be taking (i.e. if the student has taken two levels of English, the system will place them in English III, even if the student failed the last two levels... yeah, I know, it's screwed-up - I've had my share of headaches thanks to this little pecadillo) So this week, some students realized that the system had failed and that they were either in a level that was too high or too low. In short, they take the test to see where they're supposed to be and while they go prancing on their merry little way, I put on my shinning armor and battle the beast with seven heads that is the system.

Ah! Because the system NEVER fails (according to the school's Dean).


But this is my third time in this carousel, so I know the hoops of such systematic beast. Now, I await the brave soldiers that are these students. I told them the schedule -- from 8 - 9, 9 - 10, 10 - 11, 11 - 12. No one has come yet. Not even to take a peek on what is going on here. And it's 10:20. I can bet my a--- (sorry! I promised I wouldn't bet my ass no more. The thought of an old guy with no teeth coming to my front door saying "I believe you have my property, I would like to take it now" gave me not only the chills, but made me laugh so hard that I spilled coca cola through my nose and that was painful as heck) --- I can bet you anything that they will be arriving at 12, all at once, trying to do the test.


Aaah! And then I find this image... and yeah, indeed...

I do believe the detour was either to hell or to the nearest Dairy Queen...

Oh the bliss!

Speaking of...

Coming from Mike's Vault

PIGEON PANTS ... A guy traveling back to Australia from the Middle East was stopped at the Melbourne airport when customs officials found two pigeons in his pants. He faces up to ten years in prison for illegal smuggling of wild animals.

That’s good news to the lady sitting next to him…no one believed her when she claimed his crotch was cooing at her.


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