Pandarrific Weekend Y'All!

Well, it's monday and that means that it's time for a recap of all the things that have happened in the weekend...


1. This weekend it was my turn to be in the student's place as my MA started
. I have two classes: Communications and Leadership. In my Leadership class I have to do research of three figures in leadership. One religious, one political, and one in the Mexico history archives. I have chosen Krishna, Benjamin Franklin, and Sergio Mendez Arceo.

2. I need to watch more TV in Mexico instead of cable TV. One of my teachers is a news anchor person in Univision channel 26, El Paso, TX., and I did not know him, so I am not at all starstruck about it. He was more than amused by this pesky little fact. "Don't you watch TV?" he asked. "Yes... I watch GOOD TV... like Sony channel, Warner Channel... and Animal Planet".

3. Me, mom, and dad are going to hell at no more than 10 munches an hour. My mother's B day was on Saturday and we decided to make a BBQ cook-out. Me and the folks, ate like there was no tomorrow. You're not supposed to eat meat because of Lent, but then again, Fish is meat... because it's an animal, right? So... WTF?

4. The ceneval is going to open coming in three weeks.
I need to find teachers who are willing to sacrifice a few hours from their already busy schedule and teach them how to teach these classes. If all goes well, then we are going to have a lot of students coming here to take the courses on how to pass their University/College entrance exams. First step -- next... THE MOON!

5. These are images I have uploaded into DeviantART. Apparently, they're good and have received a lot of Favorites in them. What do you think?

The two images are based upon the fact that the Graphic Designers question the ability of someone outside the design school being able to do art using photoshop brushes... I rest My case.


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