Got Green?

Got Green?

Today is EARTH DAY. What does that mean to you?

Every day is Earth Day, I heard once someone say. And they are probably correct. I mean, we do live in the same planet, each and every day, and each and every day we should take note on how are we harming/getting our house dirty. I would use the comparison of "Think of Earth as your home. You don't throw trash on the floor or splatter oil all over your furniture", because I am sure that there are people out there who actually do it - just for the fun of it. So, instead, I shall use the following:

Earth is only one.

Yeah. There is no other "Planet Earth". Can you imagine saying "Hi, I am Gigi, and I live on planet Goigonia". Hum? Planet Goigonia? That sound like a liver disease! Or worse! It sounds like a degenerate, sexual transmitted disease! Goigonia... what are you thinking? Besides, Goigonia does not have the kick-ass beaches Earth has. Have you SEEN Goigonia? It's sucky! (and here comes the goigonians, all up and arms because I am saying their planet sucks... "hey! I don't hear you talking about the Kakas" good lord!). So, please, unless you want to be compared to a goigonian or to a kaka... take care of Earth? For me? I am but a simple Panda... the idea of having to live in goigonian zoos frightens me to some extent, especially when they tell me that they put pandas in the cage next to the flying roaches.


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