Swine Flu in the Border Land

MEXICO CITY – The World Health Organization raised its global alert level on the spreading swine flu virus Monday, but stopped short of declaring a global emergency — even as the U.S. said it was acting as if the outbreak would grow into a full pandemic.

Now... I ask... Could it be that maybe the fear of the flu is more playing with people's psyche mind than anything else? If anything has been taught about medicine is that when a person/animal is stressed, the pathological routes a disease can take is greater than if this person/animal is relaxed. I am not saying that you should not worry, all I am saying here is that maybe people should take it easy and not follow like a flock of sheep here.

What are the steps you should take upon this disease?

1. Get informed.
And I don't mean "get your info from the government". Get info from doctors, veterinarians, and web sites that know what they are talking about. I know that maybe the government officials tend to throw things out of proportion, but it's good to know that not everything is as bad as it sounds.

2. Be prepared -- It's all about the CLEAN!!
How? This is mainly a sanitation issue. Remember when your mom used to tell you to wash your hands and all that? BINGO! Wash your hands after going to the bathroom or if you have been out and have been in contact with lots of people. Use a hanky when you sneeze and people, please stop picking your nose? I know snot can be yummy, but com'on!!! When you use the hanky, be sure to throw it away or put it away. Do not greet people by hand shake nor by kissing on cheek... unless you know them and want to make out with them, then there is no problem.

3. Vitamins
Take your daily vitamin intake of vitamin A, C and I would add E here. E is an antioxidant that will help your immune system fight disease. Let's remember that medication will not be effective because, well, it's a virus. Vitamins A and C are known to promote the immune system. Where can you find it aside from the local pharmacy? You can find them in fruits and vegetables... and beans.

4. No vaccine? Ooops! My bad!
If you haven't gotten your shots, please do so as soon as you can. And I do not mean the Influenza shots, those are useless. I mean the others: tetanus, hepatitis, all the shots you're supposed to have. Because this is a virus that will attack weak immune systems. If you have your booster shots, you are giving the system a better chance to fight back.

5. Eat Pork... if you like.
The disease IS NOT PASSED ON TO YOU BY EATING PORK. Let me repeat that: THE DISEASE IS NOT PASSED ON TO YOU BY EATING PORK. You like bacon? Eat! You like ribs? Eat! You like pig feet? Have a blast. Just because it's called PIG FLU does not mean that everything that's related to pigs is bad. This is a virus that travels through the air, not the meat.

The usuals around these times is to drink plenty of fluids, stay out of the sun, avoid drastic changes in temperature, and pay attention to the first signs of the disease. It's very similar to the common flu, but the symptoms are heightened.


"Although uncomplicated influenza-like illness (fever, cough or sore throat) has been reported in many cases, mild respiratory illness (nasal congestion, rhinorrhea) without fever and occasional severe disease also has been reported. Other symptoms reported with swine influenza A virus infection include vomiting, diarrhea, myalgia, headache, chills, fatigue, and dyspnea. Conjunctivitis is rare, but has been reported. Severe disease (pneumonia, respiratory failure) and fatal outcomes have been reported with swine influenza A virus infection. The potential for exacerbation of underlying chronic medical conditions or invasive bacterial infection with swine influenza A virus infection should be considered."





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