It's Midnight, Cinderella!

I know -- "Soccer sucks".

But let's put things in perspective here.

My hometown: Juarez City, Chihuahua. Whenever you hear about it on the news, it's because of the assassinations, the drug cartels, the violence, the military, people being kidnapped, women being raped and murdered... So, when a soccer team comes along and brings a Cinderella story -- you have to stop and think a little bit.

I don't like soccer. Really. But even I have to be moved about what the Indios have brought to this city. Hope. Yeah - as corny as it sounds. Juarez is a beautiful city... its people are by far some of the best heart warming people out there. Juarez deserved something to cheer about. And soccer, in Mexico, is one of the leading sports next to baseball. Juarez has a semi-profesional baseball team. But to have a professional soccer team in the Mexican Soccer league is HUGE.

This is Indios' first season in the Premiere Division of Mexican Soccer. A few weeks ago, they were in danger of being kicked off out of the Premier Division! If they lose one game, they were out of it. But they came from behind and won a game, tied two more, and then -- it was like a fairy tale. And against all odds, they have come this far to go to the semifinals -- they beat the big teams in the division. And I'm talking BIG teams, with BIG budgets and BIG scoring records. They kick them out of the playoffs. Today, Indios faced-off with the tournament's favorite, Pachuca.

Tuzos won 2-0

Now, Indios will go to Pachuca to try and stay alive. They need to win by a score of 3 - 0 in order to pass. If Pachuca gets a goal in, then Indios need to get one more in... it's madness. But Juarez, for the FIRST TIME in a LONG time is in the news. Not because of the violence, not because of the murders...

but because we have a Cinderella team... whom against all odds are playing in the semi finals of the Premiere Division of the Mexican Soccer.


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