Phonoscope? -- Naaah! Let's call it The Panda's on a Diet Blog!!

I really didn't know what to call this entry but since I was listening to this song on my way to class, I figure, what the heck!

I am starting a diet today. Well, I actually started it yesterday. I weigh 138 kilos... 303 pounds!!! So, I stick to the kilos bwa hahaha!! Anyways -- I have to slim down to my ideal weigh that's 75 kilos in THEORY. I will be happy to weigh 90 kilos.... So, this week's goal? 3 lbs (that's about 1 kilo) but since I know my body well enough, I'm sure I'll drop about 5 or 6 lbs.. and then it's gonna start going slow again. I'll keep you updated on this on a weekly basis. How's that?

My diet -- detox diet for the first week. Veggies, fruits, no meats, no dairy, and lots of water. No bread, tortilla, sweets (bwaaaaa!!!) and no high-proteins. Cleaning body for 1 week. Then on the second week dr. is gonna introduce grains and fish.

So, cheering on! Oh yeah, I'm also taking vitamins and enzimes to help with digestion and metabolism. If I start to feel ill, they'll change my diet.

Need to SLIM JIM DOWN!!!


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