Revise your petition, please.... GAWD!

So today, I get an angry call from the lady at Chihuahua -- the book lady. She states that we owe her about 8 000 pesos in books. We make counts... no, we don't. We owe her about 2 000. Check your stats, lady! We're paying on Friday -- but com' on! From 8 000 pesos to 2 000 pesos there are a lot of zeros in between!!

On Friday we have the annual Student Day celebration at the URN. Hamburgers in the morning, tacos at night. Good thing that this time they did not ask the English class to participate in the ye old pie-sell off...

That reminds me... I need to ask my father for sugar.

.... long story.

The squirrel has told me he got a 485 in his TOEFL exam. He insists that he passed. He has told me this piece of info about... 10 or 30 times now... and each time, he asks if he has passed.

Mr Squirrel:

It has come to my attention that you have presented the TOEFL paper-based test to obtain your Doctoral Degree in Communications and somehow you have achieved (if that is the correct term for someone who claims to be an expert in the language) to get 485 points.

I wouldn't be bragging this if I were you. 485? I mean, really, this score is not even good if you're in the BA. For a PhD, you should be getting 580 or more.

So please, stop asking me if you have passed. Next time you do this, I will bite your squirrel nose off and spit it out as I say "NO!"

Yours truly (and with love)
The Panda.


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