The good, the bad, and the Mikuni...

The Good

Yesterday we went to this thing where all the top universities in the border region got together at the Mexican Consulate. It was UTEP, NMSU, UACJ, ITCJ, ITESM, LaSalle Institute, UNITEC, Universidad TEC Milenio, and URN (us). We talked mostly about how we can bring the schools together and find a parameter to do more research. I got in touch with the NMSU rep. and if all goes well we might have guest speakers from the university at the URN. I'll keep you posted on the bridges that we can form with this school. My boss is happy.

The Bad

This friend of mine who has deleted her web page because she cannot handle the pressure brought by others who apparently hate her and have released "ye old hounds of hell". The web page was a social page and most of the people there logged in to get that sense of belonging. Now -- I know that most people can get really stressed out about situations that are out of their control, but seriously, to allow these situations to affect you in a way that you would rather give up something you have worked so hard to build -- just because you find it hard to fight for it? BS if you ask me. I have been through tough situations -- and I have found that you shouldn't throw in the towel just because others pick on you. On contraire -- fight the good fight, hang tough, keep the chin up, and stop crying around that by crying nothing will be solved.

The Mikuni

I have a new kitty. Her name is MIKUNI, and she has already become the light and joy at the Rainy household. She has her own little kitty bed, bowl for water and food, toys, and litter box. She is 2 and a half months old. She likes to sleep in high places, chase her own tail, and chase her own hind paws. She plays and plays and then falls a sleep while she's playing. Hates not being around people. She loves my nieces and nephew. She enjoys playing with the plants and the chair. She can now climb into the bed with no help. Yesterday she discovered that she can fuzz.

Mikuni -- WELCOME!!!


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