Grey's Anatomy and this Panda says NO!

It has come to this panda's attention that there is a matter that is of utter importance. Heck! The stability of the free world depends on it! And that is the season finale of Grey's Anatomy.

Grey's Anatomy: Goodbye, Gizzie?
Tuesday, June 02, 2009

E! Online reports that "multiple sources" have confirmed the oft-mentioned George-will-die-Izzie-will-live hypothesis on Grey's Anatomy, firming up beliefs that TR Knight, who plays George O'Malley, is indeed on his way out of Seattle Grace. His character, misshapen after an almost-fatal accident, flat-lined just when the ABC medical drama's fifth season came to a close. The 36-year-old reportedly wanted off Grey's for the longest time.

There has been too much friction between Knight and Grey's Anatomy creator Shonda Rhimes, adds E! Online. He asked to be left out of his contract late last year after growing frustrated that with his character's lack of solid storyline and screen time. Fans of George all noticed the lack of screen-time for O'Malley.

"He hates her, and she hates him," a source says.

Rhimes has denied these reports, but she is known to toy with the lines of truth when it comes to these things.

The hypothesis, which posits Izzie (Katherine Heigl) will live while George will die, was prompted by a dream sequence on the finale that saw a torn Izzie on the elevator when the door opened to an inviting George dressed in army uniform.

In a news that can bolster this claim, Heigl has recently reentered the Emmy race, reports Entertainment Weekly. Her metastatic melanoma storyline has drawn raves from fans, not the least of which is Rhimes, who said, "I think she did beautiful work. I think she always does beautiful work."

The Knocked Up star, who won the best supporting plum in 2007, took herself out of contention last year, citing lack of material for her character. Like George, last season's closing episode ended with no certainty whether Izzie will live after the brain operation that has wrought some damage in her brain.

.... George can't die... he just CAN'T!!!

This is probably the characters who has done so LITTLE growth during the show and he still has SO MUCH to give! I mean, com'on! He's got SO MUCH TO GIVE!!! EXPLOIT GEORGE!! He's got a lot of story line to go by. So he screwed-up with Izzy... so he didn't give Lil'Grey the time of day... so he didn't go that far with Meredith (oh... wait, he DID but the bitch cried... STILL --) and he got to Christina by calling her a robot... He got married, he dumped Callie... I think that the fact that Dr Bailey named her child after him is a reason more to keep him... I didn't see Dr Bailey name her kid after IZZY, did I??? And how about him taking on a difficult specialty? Or-or him being the boss' intern? I mean, he has done so much for the hospital -- he should STAY!

So, to the death of George..


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