Hermione's Stand!

Today I woke up to a message delivered by a friend of mine... well, I still consider her my friend, o thought her message - cold and crude - have me wondering if I am still a friend in her eyes (seeing as I am still talking to this other friend who is not her friend anymore -- oi!). So, the message basically says that I should tell this friend to stop bothering her and this other friend... Since I've been told to tell this guy this and then tell this person that... there is once thing I think people should know. I am taking the Hermione stand and screaming to the world, people:


I am not here to tell this person this or tell this person that. If you have something to tell someone, TELL THEM YOURSELF. I am not a messenger girl, and even if I was, I would probably charge you for the service.

Moving on...

On Saturday I had a meeting with my very close friends, Ofelia and Diana. So much going on with them! Diana has enrolled to college (again!) and she is now in Accounting. Ofelia is still undecided if she wants to go to do a M.A. or if she wants to pursue another career. I didn't want to start from zero because, honestly? I don't have the mindset to deal with teens who are barely out of high school. I would probably smack them in the head and then be considered the biggest geek/nerd/monster that they have encountered. So, that's why I decided to go forward and do the MA. But back to Diana and Ofelia -- they're doing good. I'm so glad that after all these years, we're still good friends. If we consolidated the friendship in 1996... more than ten years! We're probably going to end-up in an asylum, at old age, sharing an oxygen tank.

This week marks the last week I have of classes. Then, back to scratching the floor to find loose change in order for me to eat something. The good thing about summer vacations is that I get to lose weight because of this.

The problem is that now I have a little mouth to feed... and she gets all cat-zilla on me when I don't do it.

PS: I have found out that my mother's hatred towards Kobe Briant is as deep and founded as her hatred towards Yoko Ono.


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