Well, the TOEFL test was taken last Saturday... all those days of constant bickering about how they're supposed to write a good TOEFL, and how they are supposed to answer the questions correctly served their purpose and I am proud to announce that the 2009 class of English IX PASSED, with flying colors!

So --- summer's here and I was wondering what can I do to spend time without spending money (because I don't have any?)

I could clean my room. But that's like Mission Impossible. Might as well call in Tom Cruise to do it and see if he doesn't cry three days after. And yes, I do have a room. I am a civilized panda, not some schmuck panda who still lives in a cave, o though sometimes I wonder if the panda who lives in the cave isn't cleaner than me... Mikuni did it!!!

I could go out to the park. But that's like playing Russian Roulette right now. If I don't get shot, I'll probably get mugged. (O though, the thought of having the all-mexican burrito holiday there is quite tempting)

I could go out drinking... but unless I have someone who pays for my drinks.

Movies I wanna watch:
- Star Treck (IMAX)
- Up
- ... that's about it... Ooooh! The Harry Potter movie when it comes out!

I feel like having a Sonic Burger... and a cherry limenade.

I have gotten v. good reviews for my writing. Maybe I can do that -- write.

I just hope I'm not too lazy to drag my ass around and say stuff like... "but it's three in the afternooooon... who writes at three?!"

I sooooo know myself.

Of course, I'll plunder some money to go to the coffee shop! That's even a stubborn question!!


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