Weird dreams and bad vodka

I tell you -- sometimes I think my mind drinks without me knowing. Do humans have the same suspicious things all the time?

I've been having these weird dreams. Yesterday's dream was that I was teaching at a public school... but I was half horse. I mean, in the dream, I KNEW I was half horse, but you saw me and I was normal, you know --- HUMAN? but I swear, I was half horse. Anyway, in the dream, I ran (like when you're a kid and you run as if you were ridding a horse?) from my house to my sister's job (because I was going to give her cake --- ) and then I RAN back to the school I was teaching at -- all this while listening to the KLAQ morning show, okay? So here I am, running (because as I've said, I was HALF horse) and I get to the school and my class has to sing in a baseball stadium a song by the Foo Fighters I've never heard of. But get this: they're playing AIR INSTRUMENTS that HAVE SOUND. And then I take a look at the kids -- yeah, they're the kids from "School of Rock", okay?

I tell you --- sometimes...

At school they're going to teach us how to use the new system. Now, instead of giving Gloria the grades, we'll just upload them into the computer. Here's the dealbreaker (for me): the computers that we are going to use for this procedure? Only two... FOR THE ENTIRE SCHOOL. And they're both in the little cramped room at Control escolar, I mean... How f-ed up is that? So they're going to teach us how to use it because apparently we're to dumb to figure it out. We have to learn all these new codes.

I need to go to the store. Mikuni needs new sand for her box. It's all full of poop and pee.

Mikuni, BTW is nuts.

I have finished the VIDDHEA story! At LAST! Cover and all -- I LOVE it. I don't care what anyone else says, I loooove how this story went out. Now, I shall submit it to a lit. contest here in Mexico in hopes to win (if not the grand prize, at least the recognition of someone)


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