The Oscars

And the Oscar goes to... How about being completely LAME??

Yesterday was the Oscars. And, as in every year, I had my list of possible winners (only this time, I was ACTUALLY in a raffle for a trip to Vegas). And everything was going okay... 'till stinking Sandra Bullok won for best Actress....

WTF. I mean it. W - T - F. I mean, I know she's funny and I like her. I saw The Bling Side. I liked it. But --- to say she had the rol of her life for dying her hair blonde and having a much-to-be-desired accent is just... out of line here. It's LAME, that's what this is. LAME.

I would much rather have Meryl won for Julie and Julia or how about the girl from Precious? Both of them deserved it much better than Sandra, I'm sorry.

I was sort of dissapointed too to see that Quentin Tarantino did not get best Original Screenplay for "Inglorious Bastards". I was sort of hoping that this screenplay alone would win. One of Quentin...

I knew Avatar was not going to win because, let's face it, any time any movie goes against a movie that taks about the war or political views that are in heat at the moment is a losing cause. The Hurt Locker was just that. Not a great movie, if you ask me -- I think Precious or Inglorious Bastards, both much more powerful that this piece of cinematic crap; Avatar was pretty, but very  VERY predictable, so it had no chance of winning. But, then again, it was a piece of cinematic crap that talked about the war in Iraq, so who am I to go against people who play their political agenda first? Mo'nique was right when she said that she was thankful that she won the award and that it was for the artistic merit instead of the political agenda. Sorry Mo'nique, but politics are still running the Hollywood show.

Oprah: you're mean! This girl, Sibide, did a great job at Precious, but -- com'on. Let's face it. Unless Hollywood changes their PoV about what beauty is, she ain't getting any more rols unless she's about 150 pounds lighter AT LEAST. Don't have anything vs chunky people I am quite chunky myself, but I ain't doing no movies and I ain't parading myself for it either. This girl might be a great actress but unless she loses some serious weigh she ain't getting nothing for the Hollywood glam-slam monster. So Oprah, shame on thee!!

Then again, Oprah is God.


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