I got an F today!

Today, as we're on the first day back at school and all, Miss Suky, Mr David and this panda were at the computer center, trying to get some stuff together for our classes... and checking up on the farm, of course. When then Suky brings to my attention the following article:
Why the Animal Critic Gives  the Panda an F
 Panda: F
"Pandas have absolutely no interest in reproducing. They rarely mate," Lentz says. That goes against the raison d'etre of a species. "We spend all this money flying these animals around the world, trying to convince them to mate, and we could spend it on a lot of other stuff.

"Second of all, they eat bamboo. They're not supposed to eat bamboo. Their bodies are not adapted to digest cellulose, but they hang in there with the bamboo. But the result of that is that they have to eat a ton of bamboo," he says. "They don't have a lot of energy to do things, like to mate.

"That could be Nature kind of hinting around the fact that they should collectively shuffle off this mortal coil."

Okay... first of all --- BULL. We mate...  we just don't like doing it in front of y'all .. I mean, you're all there, looking at us trying to mate, what? You think we're just gonna get it on like the sick disturbing pets you have in your home??? Na-ah. We're classy. We like our privacy when it comes to sex... secondly, yes, there have been some attempts to make us horny and then you put some kind of perverted prono show where all you can see is other pandas going at it. Com'on! Not everyone is as sick and disturbing at you are man!!! 

We eat bamboo 'cause it's healthy. It keeps you thin... and what's up with your sick deviation to enunciate that we're not mating because of bamboo?? Have you eaten bamboo??? I mean, have you, actually, gone through a diet of bamboo to say that it's not good for you? Think about it. Smoking? Yeah, it's bad, people die of it. Fatty foods? yeah, it's bad, people have died from it... Bamboo? I have yet to hear a story about how someone (or some panda) has died because he/she/it has taken an excess of bamboo... pshah!!!

How about we give humans who have nothing to do but to watch pandas mate a grade?? What would that be? I mean, humanity is a species who have literally killed and destroyed everything in its path, I don't see this guy complaining about it... 

Enough ranting... I wanna go eat some bamboo.... and mate like a jackrabbit!!!



Aparte el panda lo tiene chiquito.

Miss Panda

.... jejejejejeje I reserve my comments...

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