Just call me the Sewing Panda...

Today was a great day mainy because my friend Suky came over and taught me how to use my sewing machine. Well, it's not MINE, but it's close enough, as it is my mother's and her life-long dream is that one of us (me or my sister) learned how to sew. I'm a good student -- ask Suky. Yes, I do play and laugh a lot, but that's mainly because I am very nervous.

So, the idea was to make a skirt. An uneven skirt like the black one I do adore. I think that for the first time that I pick up a pair of scissors to do something akin to this I did fairly well... and for being the first time that I use the sewing machine, I did really good. My mom's sewing machine is a Singer 106 kind of like the one on the photo below. It's all black and heavy as heck. It hasn't been used since my mom made me the dress to go as a bride's maid to my friend Ofelia's wedding. So it's been a while.
The only difference between this one and my mother's is that my mom's does not have the rail for the lower yarn... or whatever you call it --- hilito. (I know, I teach English I should know, right?) but all the rest is just the same. I should tell you that that thingie with the hilito was all me when I was like 4 or 3 years old. So, the machine USED to have it... but that was before this panda went amock on tha thingie.

I am really happy about this!! I've always wanted to learn sewing and now I am! Thank you Suky! I promise I'll keep practicing and getting better at it! You'll see! Next thing you know, I'll be doing bridal dresses and my own thang designs! For now, I'll stick to skirts and panda suits.

... 'cause I am doing a panda suit for next 8th and 9th of May's Jutsume!! Next thing you know, I'll be the crazy lady in the dirty house who keeps sewing because if she stops, a bomb will explode. It will be kind of like that movie with Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves, but instead of a bus or a boat, it's a sewing machine...


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