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Today I decided to talk about the TV show that basically has taken over my time on Thursdays. Supernatural has become this panda's obsession (much to the annoyance of my friends, right?) and every Thursday night it has been sort of a mantra to go and watch the show. What can I say? It's my hour away from the reality I try to bend...

So last week my friend Angie asked me if I could bring over the first season of the show, seing as she had only seen the show once or twice and she recently saw the newest episodes and was intrigued (and I tried to fill her in, but it was too much info for one phonecall!). So, on saturday, it was a Supernatural Marathon day. We saw episodes 1 - 7 and with puppy eyes she asked if I could leave the DVD. I couldn't say no. So, episodes 1 - 16 of season 1 were left under her care. On Monday she messages me with " I NEED MORE SUPERNATURAL, DAMN YOU!!" and it has been quite the funny ordeal as she is all hooked on the show now and can't wait 'till next saturday, when I promised I would take the remaining season 1 and season 2.

I have converted Angie to the Winchester Gospel.

The show mainly focuses on the adventures of two brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester, whose "family business" is to hunt down and kill monsters. Throughout the show we have seen them fight vampires, mummies, zombies, demons, and most recently, angels. It has been one of the few shows I can actually say that all the seasons are carefully planned, as all the chapters are linked to one another in some way.

Of course, my favorite character in this show has to be Castiel. Castiel is the angel of thursdays in the angelic lore, so it was natural for him to be shown as Sam and Dean's close "angel guide". In this season, we have seen Castiel as we haven't seen him in previous episodes... drunk out of his mind and craving for burgers. Castiel's contact with humans was close to nothing when he came in contact with Dean in season 4, and thus why it is funny to see him struggle with every day activities such as answering a cell phone, leaving voice mail, and going into a bar (an episode in which Dean asked him if he was still a virgin and took it upon his hands to make Castiel a non-virgin, which turns out to be quite the funny ordeal).

So,  a post dedicated to Supernatural. Too sad to see that there is only 2 episodes left for the season finale and we'll have to wait 'till September to see if the writers who are taking over for the creator of the show will do as great of a job as it has been done thus far.

PS. Any supernatural bashing of this post will NOT be tolerated. Thank you.


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