Truth Be Told (Inside a Dr. Pepper Can)

Sometimes it seems
that the can is half empty
when it is, in fact,
almost full...
And in the midst of the fizz,
and the tingly feeling my heart gets
(as it samples the 23-some flavors),
I wonder how can a simple act,
as a cold Dr Pepper can,
can bring me such joy and rapture,
to the point of ignoring the world and sing aloud
that rock song I love to sing,
whenever I decide to go out and take my car out for a spin
in the middle of a sleepless night.

.............................. sigh!

Maybe it's because I love you...
or maybe it's because I miss you...
Truth is that this is just one more way I hace concocted
to not admit any of these feelings
and make you believe that I continue to be this magnificent lightning
you still haven't been able to catch.


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