Season Finale... Ass Butt

So yesterday was Supernatural's Season 5 finale and as Chuck said, "fans can be bitchy and never happy". In my case, I was. I mean, it was full with ups and downs, and I could have never guessed on how it was going to end. True that I was all sad because I thought that maybe Castiel was going to be killed off... but NO! The all-daring, all-cute, all-messed-up angel came back, "new and improved" as he put it to put order in heaven now that Michael is in the box with Lucifer!

But now, as Dean looks forward to a life without Sam, we see that Sam is looking through the window of Dean's life with this girl... I forget her name! Oh well... Sam looks completely sad about it... I think he half wanted Dean to come save him, just like he tried to do when Dean was in hell and Sam tried everything to save him even though he had promised Dean he wouldn't... oh my! oh my!! One can only wait to see the trailers for Season 6...

And as always, Castiel took the cake with "ass butt" ... this angel just cracks me up! He wanted to say "asshole" and came up with a whole new twist of insult to the word... You gotta love Cas!

For now, I leave you with Ass-Butt....


I am so freakking happy because Castiel is coming back for Season 6!!! According to the Supernatural blog at the CW channel, season six will feature Mr. Castiel as a regular on the show... Ooooh! Can hardly wait!!! Dean living a normal life and dragged back into hunting by Sam? Angels, demons, and other spirits running amock now that Michael and Lucifer are not in charge... I wonder if we are going to see Michael (Sam and Dean's brother) back in action? Oh! Can hardly wait!!! 



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