I never thought I could ask you
to tell me how your life has been
without mine around.

I never thought I could ask this
Because we never thought I could be free.
Free from your sorrow,
free from your cage,
free from whatever it is your twisted mind can concoct
to mix it up and blame it on love..
to make me feel useless,
and weak,
and powerless,
and small.

Can you notice that my bones do not break when they feel you?
that my eyes do not hurt when they see you?
that my skin does not bruise when I walk by?
It has become the main reason to feel like a bird,
flyind through the clouds
forgetting what once was,
and never again will be.

But don´t stand there, in the rain!
Come inside and through the window, my darling,
so I can show you the same kind of love
you once - so lovingly - showed me...


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