South Africa 2010 -- Let the Madness Begin!

At six in the morning was the kick off show...How does the FIFA guy have so much power, it's beyond me. What I could see in awe was the fact that soccer can draw so many people's attention. I mean it. So much passion and joy, and hope is placed upon 11 player's legs, hearts, and spirit. It's actually quite inspiring and quite a sight to see. The show was simple yet pretty. None of this spectacular display of technology we have come accustomed to by the Olympic games. It was right to the point. Africa welcomed the world to its border and is promising to have a party where everyone is invited, whether you are there or you are viewing from the comfort of your own home. It was, as I've said, inspiring.

That is, until the 1st game started...

Quoting one of my friends from life and facebook, "Let the Madness Begin!". FIFA world cup South Africa 2010 is well underway, with the inicial game already ended, giving us the all-too-unsatisfactory Mexico 1 - South Africa 1. And I mean unsatisfactory because Sotuh Africa was not supposed to score a goal... and Mexico was supposed to win.

But as always, there are a lot of excuses and reasons why this score came to be. The grass was too hard, the ball bouced a lot, the South African players gave a lot of hits with the elbows, the hight, the nerve, all kinds of factors that cover up the fact that Mexico does not play well as a team and thus will never go ahed and get out of the preliminary boards. Now, I know that you're gonna say "but we beat Italy..." Niggah, please! Italy wasn't even playing with their star team players!

Rafael Marquez scored the only goal Mexico came accountable for and that's nothing to celebrate. They had a lot of opportunities to come close to the goalie and all of them, threw out the window. Bottom line, they made a lot of mistakes, they do not coordinate well as a team, and Mr Giovanni is not a miracle maker for god's sake.

I cannot say I was taken by shock though. I did predic on Facebook that the score was going to be RSA 1 MEX 1... and now I am stating that it's gonna be Uruguay 0 - France 2... Let us take a peek on to other games that this 1st round is offering...

Uruguayvs.France-11 Jun 8:30pm -- URU 0 - FRA 2
South Koreavs.Greece-12 Jun 1:30pm -- RSK 1 - GRE 0
Argentinavs.Nigeria-12 Jun 4:00pm -- ARG 2 - NIG 1
Englandvs.United States-12 Jun 8:30pm -- ENG 1 - USA 1
Algeriavs.Slovenia-13 Jun 1:30pm -- ALG 0 - SLO 3
Serbiavs.Ghana-13 Jun 4:00pm -- SER 2 - GHA 0
Germanyvs.Australia-13 Jun 8:30pm -- GER 3 - AUS 2

Those are my predictions for these games. Tomorrow I shall take under consideration the rest of the soccer games and see how well I did on these..

Oh, and by the way... Shakira's wardrove SUCKED! I know, I know... I do not have it in for Shakira... she just sucked. I don't know who did her wardrove, but this person should be dragged into the street AND SHOT. I'm just sayin' The only act I actually enjoyed was the African rock group that sung with Alicia Keys... I also liked this song very much...The artist is K'naan and the song is called "Wave the Flag"... quite pretty...

This is the video of the song Mzabalazo of that rock group I liked, BLK JKS... They sung a song with Alicia Keys but I liked their performance solo better...

So, FIFA WORLD CUP 2010 is underway... Enjoy the ride, folks... I know I will... even though Mexico gives such poor results... I still love to watch....


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