No Laptop, back to Basics

Since my laptop has been stolen, I have returned to the basic routine of writing on a notebook. It has not been easy, since the ideas seem to be flowing faster than I can write them down. The problem then comes when I sit down in front of a screen and plan to write everything down. I somehow find a way to get distracted and don't do it. Tonight, for example, I was to write down the latest on a story I am working on for a contest and what am I doing? Writing a blog entry that probably no one will read -- EVER. It makes me feel silly and laugh at myself. It does.

Part of my problem with this is also accountable to my facebook addiction. I cannot take a computer with internet because I want to be on facebook, and when there is no internet access I find it hard to concentrate while I know there could be access and hence stuff is happening on facebook I am not aware of. It's like crack. I am addicted to internet crack.

The story I am working on is nearly finished --- in paper. Typed, is a completely different story...


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