Summer Tour

Hello my fellow Monkey Jov Fans!!!

This tour has made this panda a bit tired. Last night I had a serious discussion with the band's manager. I told her that she had taken me out of China with promises of fame and fortune, instead I'm being delivered in a box and fed a little stick of bamboo because according to her, out of the 10 bucks we made in our last gig, 9 went on to fixing the drum set and 1 was left to pay for my box cleanage.

Monkey Jov has been touring all over Europe this summer. At first I didn't want to go because last time we toured I was so happy and excited when they told me we were taking a plane and then it turned out that they don't allow pandas in the plane (or at least that was what the road manager told me) and I had to travel in a wooden box with a lot of holes that later on turned out to not only be my means of transportation to every city we went, but my hotel room as well. Anyways, I was a little skeptical about it but then Sukiina talked me into going beacuse we were going to do a photo shoot for the album cover and I was all in. This time, I traveled in the passanger seat and I almost pooped mah pants when I peeked through the windows. Now I know, pandas and plane windows do not mix.

Adrianne and Ish were not coming along though. They decided to take time off to relish on their love and relationship and are right now in San Diego-Tijuana. It has become an issue of weirdness between me and Sukiina and Dave, since they have to hire a new bass player and a roadie for each gig and somehow I end-up  hooking up with either one. I really liked Josh, the guy they hired for the Berlin gig. He had nice hair. But I couldn't keep him around because the gig things are for one stadium at a time. No one stays long. Adrianne and Ish are irreplasable. Easy for Sukiina and Dave to say, they actually share a room whereas I have to spend the night on the launge chairs down by the pool...

But Berlin was cool and so was Paris. I did not enjoy Ireland because a magazine guy said we were doing something called overdrive and we had to prove that we were the real thing? Sukiina insisted on playing songs that were hard for me -- and yes, I am a good drum player, but I was still jetlagged from the trip and it was such a mess! Then the band manager was upset because the performance was not "five stars". I got no bamboo. I did, however, get to go shopping in Berlin and got new outfits and pretty silver chains in my wrist. That made me happy -- so much that I forgave the bad-quality bamboo I found later on my launge chair next to the pool. Berlin has cool stores and cool fans that wait for you outside the bars and sing along with you. Oh! and the photo shoot was scary! I think I came out looking like someone was chasing me... but the photographer said it was a good enough picture and they are going to use it on the album cover.

Yesterday we got a new roady, his name is Diesel... he seems all tough and all, but he is afraid of spiders. I will get a rubber spider on our next day off and will tease 'till he cries like a little girl. I only wish that they decided to stick with a bass player like they have done with Diesel! I feel lonely with Sukiina and Dave taking their day off for themselves and I am left to either soak in the pool or to go by myself around the city. That is why I liked Josh, because he was kind enough to show me around Berlin... aside other fine attributes! ;) 

I think we go back to the States tomorrow or on Wednesday. I cannot wait to get back home! I miss my cat, my dog and my own bed. I love the pools in the hotels, but I sometimes fall asleep in the pool and that can be quite dangerous. Life on the road is not easy, but it sure is a lot of fun! :D Oh, and before I forget, the album comes out in January so be ready to be taken by the storm that is Monkey Jov. We have taken the raw sound we have on stage and place it in vynil. I was wondering why we had to do it in vynil, and Dave explained that the best rock groups always recorded their legend in vynil... I believe him, mainly because he sounds convincing when he explains it.

Talk to you later! I have to get ready for my vet visit! 

Miss Panda
The drumming diva 


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