Rainypalooza 2010

Rainypalooza is a party that happens every year... and that has been happening for five years now... Some people get the invites, some don't, but we always have a great time. This time, it was the Octopus' Garden who opened their arms and welcomed us to enjoy this celebration.

First of all, the food served was superb!!! I mean, from the chef who marinated the meat (that would be me jejejeje) to the griller (Mr David!) it was good! I wanted to celebrate the five years this panda has in her age bank, so for each year it was 1 kilo of my favorite meat cuts. sirloin, rib-eye, arrachera, grilling steak, and costillar, Adding the sausages and the tortillas... oooh and the cebollitas with cheese-filled chiles... but, com'on! for those who where there, you have to admit, the Chipotle salsita was The Best. I made about 1 lt of the stuff and it was gone in less than 30 mins! and the grilled meat wasn't even in the grill yet!! I also added some chicken just in case someone wanted some chicken. Alas, no one wanted some, so we ate the chicken next day, while watching the Manning vs Manning Bowl 2.0.

The music was provided by ye Old Stereo... and of course, Beatles were in the house! since it's my party and I'll cry if I want to, Beatles records were played... then we got a little bit drunker and then it was the Stones and Charlie Parker, but mostly Beatles. Whomever did not enjoy the music can go suck a lemon because the Beatles rock. Period.

My sister made some candy bags and placed condoms in them! so it was the C&C bags,,, Candy and condoms. I still have some candy bags left. No condoms, however jejejejeje.

Even though I did invite a whole bunch of people, only those who always come to the party showed up, even though we even did an RSVP thing to it. Some might have forgotten (thaks a lot!) and others might have more important things to do, but nevertheless, even though there weren't many of us, the important thing is that we got drunk, we ate like pigs, and listened to good music. It was sad that some people made themselves look crazy (se hicieron loquitas) and did not provide with the cake they promised to (... mother....) and it was also a bummer that there were no ponies... I forgot the pony stick... BUT for those of you who stayed, there was a water balloon fight as promised!!! Too bad that some had to go because (a) they were tired, (b) they had to get home early, or (c)... I don't know what the F was going on.

So, as far as the organizers go, Rainypalooza 2010 was a success! Next year, we promise to be a super-mega  blast, as Rainypalooza will be taking the next step into awesomeness. I just hope that we're all still alive and well.

See you all in Rainypalooza 2011!!! :D


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