Cute Kitty Story No. 3

This is Guille. She's my friend Suky's cat... the elder of three. She loves to go out and roll around in the grass and in the dirt of the front porch. Every morning since Suky's car is on the mechanic I have been going for her and David in the morning to give them a ride to school. Well, yesterday, the cutest thing happened... and it's all because David decided to skip classes.

So, David decides that he wants to go to these conferences on Foulcaut... or however it's spelled. The thing is that me and Suky had to come to school. So, after walking outside the house, they are followed by Guille, who in her own kitty language is telling them "be careful, don't greet strangers, I wait for you here..." David and Suky kiss good-bye and David walks to the bus stop as me and Suky turn the car around to drive on the opposite direction.

And here is Guille... turning to both sides of the street, wondering what the heck has happened... She stands in the middle of the road, turning her head to both sides of the road... "What? What just happened here! Why are you separating?! Come back! We can talk it through!!" She stood there, looking to both ways for a long time...

When we came back, she was rushing to see who came in first. She still peeked to David's side of the road to see if he was coming back...Poor Guille! She was all angst!! By nightfall, after night classes, we came back and David was already there. Guille came out and sat at the exit from the porch, as if "You're not going out until I see a hug!" because as soon as these two hugged, she walked back inside.

Cute Guille story... XD


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