30 Days of Truth... Day Four

Day Four of these 30 days of truth....and I couldn't be happier. I decided to fuse both journals into one. So, expect me to write in both english and spanish, depending on what the situation might be. In this case, I shall continue with my English writing as I bring to you my 30 days of truth segment.

Before I forget! I went to see Harry Potter and the Deadly Hollows last  night @ the Juarez premiere. Adi, Ish, Suky, and David were there with me and we all had a good time! The movie is excellent and I cannot wait untill the next part comes along! I want to go see it again before they take it away from the theatre!!!

Okay then, now on to the 30 days of truth part. And this one is quite the heavy loaded one...

Something you have to forgive someone for

Yikes!! This is... wow. I mean, I think I have a lot of baggage consernign this one. Something I have to forgive someone for. Well, if I had forgiven them, I wouldn't write about it... but here we go. 

I think  forgiveness is the first step one takes to actually start loving yourself more. In my case, I need to forgive words that were once said but never thought out. I know that sometimes we say things we don't mean or we don't realize how deep we're cutting others. I need to forgive all those times when people have commited this crime against me, o though sometimes it seems so  hard to do.

Other people I need to forgive are those annoying people that wake me up at 3 in the morning to remind me that I owe them money. Yes, I do realize it's part of your job, but honestly? waking me at 3 won't make me pay you a whole damn faster. You'll get your money when you get your money!!!

I need to forgive Angelina Jolie for snatching Brad Pitt... I mean, Jennifer had it coming and plus, who the fuck cares...

Other than this, I think me and the universe are okay. Karma will pay itself one way or the other....


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