30 Days of Truth.... DAY THREE

I am writing the third day even if I do realize that I have skipped ONE day. Yesterday was no-tech day for me, so no day of truth... BUT today I return, not only with DAY THREE, but with a new design for my 30 days of truth.

Today is Tuesday -- and I am in the mood for cookies!!! Yesterday was sort of cool since I got to do a lot of writing and a lot of thinking about what I wanted to do next year and what I want to do this year for Christmas Dinner. I am thinking of adapting the menu to something new and spicy. I shall share the recipe as soon as I have it.

I also tried to contact Mr Larios via phone. And I say "tried" because stupid phone wouldn't hook up.... or I dunno if he could hear me, coz I sure couldn't hear him! Anyway, I desisted of the try after the 4th time... Maybe at some point during the week I shall try again. Maybe when it's not too windy. Or when I am done with morning classes... I don't know. All I know is that I sure was happy to hear him say "heeey you!!! How are you!!" the last time we spoke and then it was nothing more than static. Oh pshwaaa!!!

Something you have to forgive yourself for

I really don't have anything that could fall into this category... Truth be told, I haven't done things in which I can say, "oh my god! I need to forgive myself for this!!". Call me shallow, but that's just the way things roll with me!

I honestly think that once you reach this point in your life, then you can start living life to the fullest. to what point? To the point in which you do the things you love because YOU want to to them not because others point to you what you should do. Of course, the rules on which you have to abide to - the main one being "harm none" - will direct you to the greater path and all... but very few people get to this point. I am only glad that I have reached it sooner than later in life. 



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