Halloween 2010

As always, this panda and her peeps had a Halloween party/ reunion. This town stresses out enough to make us want to dress up and go out... To the Katsura.

The Katsura is a japanese restaurant in Juarez. We deiced to meet there for dinner... in full getup. I dressed up as a Guardan Devil. Yeah, that's me on the red cape and horns. Mr God is the one dressed as a monk (or a mexican jedi, whatever gets you through the day) Siky is the witch, Adi is Misses Mia Wallace and Ish is the ostrich man. We met at the Katsura with Miss Liliana (who was dressed as a UTEP student jajajajjaja) and ate yummy sushi. After that, it was back at the Octopuss' Garden to watch a spooky movie.

The movie in cuestion was ALONE, a Corean movie about this girl who has a twin joined at the tummy who kills her because she falls in love... it was sort of sweet. After that, it was decided to go to Adi's place to play Rock Band... 3!!! :D I was very happy!!! I love Rock Band, I LOVE Rock Band 3 --- mainly because it has more songs I know and can sing to. So far, I have made "Just Like Heaven" another Rainy classic!!

I am vesy psyched about the game. Loooove the graphics!!!

Also, NaNoWriMo started a couple of minutes ago. I already submitted some of the words I have written -- yeah, before you start on "that's cheating!", let me just say that everybody does it and it's not like the thing is even half way through! i have to work very hard on it still... and I can't just start rambling word after word! I have to make it sound good! I have a reputation to keep here peeps!!!

So, Halloween 2010 was happy, --- oh! I almost forgot to tell the story about the candles!

Turns out that I went to Rio Grande mall to buy some quartz on the little store that was left open. where they sell candles and incense. Turns out that they sell candles, incense, quartzes... well, let's just say they sell a lot of the stuff I use for my stuff... when the lady at the counter says "You know, we have candles for the santisima...." and in my lingo, this means "The Santisima Muerte". So I just nodd politely and say "thank you, but no...." and then she starts going on about how we should all pray for the violence in juarez to stop. "Well, I have an altar for my saint, you should pray to whomever you pray to... and I think that amongst us all we can pray for the peace in our town! We should join forces... pagans, christians, catholics, and all --- we should join forces and we can move mountains". I was looking at this lady with a look of "poor crazy lady" but then i realized she was talking serious,. It did not sound bad coming from her --- let's join forces so we can pray to our saints, devils, angels, gods, and goddesses.... I am sure that one of them will listen, take a peek and help us out.


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