30 Days of Truth.... Day 15

Today is a beautiful day. Not cold, not warm, a perfect weather to go to the park and sleep. If only I was with company jejejejeje.... but alas, I have no sleeping partner as of lately so my endevours of sleeping like a hobo in the park have to be done all lonesome. But Rainy, surely you kid! It's so dangerous! Yeah, well--- if I must die I might as well do it doing something I love.

I am quite nervous because on saturday the TKT exams are gonna be done and I am still to contact three teachers who do not pick up their phones or they have moved to another home... or do not answer their e mails. I shall keep trying!! I swear!

I have received all these contests for literature and I have gladly posted them here. I want to participate in one but I am still awaiting the resolvement for it in another contest. Tempted to send it anyway. What is there to lose?

Day 15
Something or someone you couldn’t live without, because you’ve tried living without it.



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