30 Days of Truth... Day Eight.

Someone who made your life hell, or treated you like shit.
Someone who treated me like shit, I have no question about it --- Miss Tere, the colegio Ingles director from when I worked there. She treated not only me, but most of my co-workers like crap. She was, indeed, crazy. She always found a way to let the teachers feel unappreciated, even though it was the teachers who made her school show on the map. Of course, if you didn't kiss her ass, she would think you were having an affair with her husband, who was so whipped it almost made you feel sorry for the poor bastard. She had two kids, just as insane and evil as her. BOTH of them kids were the school's bullies and, of course, being the owner's/principal's kids, they could get away with murder... but yes, this lady takes the ribbon of people who have made my life a living hell and/or treated me like crap.

It has been quite the hectic few days. I am no longer giving a class in the morning, so I have very little time to access the internet. But tomorrow I plan to give myself a day-on-line and go have some expensive coffee, download stuffies and get all these blogs up-to-date. I am most certain that I want internet access at home now; I have convinced the internet faery to take a trip to my house and plug away her faerie wings. I will be a much happier person when this happens. 
'Tis the season indeed. My niece's b-day party is coming soon and we're all happy and excited... The Patito theme is all waging in and we're gonna have a blast making the candy bags for her. Also, my house is getting ready to receive the Yule season, as the decorations are in full swing now. The door has been framed and all we need now is the tree...

I have to go now... but I promise to update this tomorrow... and Saturday! On Saturday we have our anual Xmas Ball at work! XD sweet!


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