More than Once in a While...

More than Once in a While
by Yuvia
Poem inspired by the song "Once in a While" by Kasey Chambers.

If I wasn't what you wanted
If I wasn't even close
I only hope that I made you smile...
Maybe more than once in a while...

- Kasey Chambers

"Close the courtains", you said once,
And made love to me under the dim light of a tv screen,
While listening to somebody
who sold her dreams
For ninety-nine cents a minute
                                       ---- even more.

I never thought I would look back at those moments
And smile at the sight of your tears
When I turned and walked away.
I never realized how deep the cut had been
until I saw the ravens flying out of my open veins.

How blessed are those who forgive, forget, and renew!
For I am walking in the rain downtown,
Thinking of how many times I wished I'd never met you
For the sole reason that the freedom you took away from me,
Was the only thing that my past lovers had kindly left behind.


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