9th Grade Goes Against Humanity

Today it was an exciting day at the Hogwarts castle. We started off the day with 8th grade going on a heated house-on-house spelling tournament. Gryffindor made a stunning comeback after being dead last. Students are really getting into this, and they daily approach the board to see if I have place the day's points.

Next, I had a class with 9th grade. As promised, I brought my bootleg version of Cards Against Humanity. I printed out the cards from this website and brought them to class. I warned them that the dynamics of the game were rather nasty and that if they felt offended in any point we would stop the game. I seriously take for granted my 9th graders. They have the sickest, most perverted minds I have had the pleasure of teaching.

Next, 7th grade. I was really proud of them by getting all the spelling questions right and to see that two of my most lagged students are picking up the pace. 

After recess, it was time to rehearse the school dance thingie. I am rehearsing with 9th and 8th grades (the 7th grade advisor didn't want his kids to join mine) and we are dancing to Ojala que Llueva Cafe en el Campo, the Cafe Tacvuba version. It's really funny to see them get all hyper over it. I never thought that dancing folklorico style was in them. Them -- including my niece. 

So tomorrow is September 16th.Really not much to celebrate, but it's school day out. My dad promised to make tripitas today and my friend Angie and myself are going to have breakfast tomorrow at Denny's. Not really looking forward to spend time with gloomy Angie (she doesn't cope with death very well and I believe her mood is rather depressive since Luis' passing and all) but -- Lumberjack Breakfast. 'Nuff Zaid.


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