Punch and Pie

More people will come if you say we have punch and pie.
- Eric Cartman

How come teachers demand to be punctual and demand homework and assistance to their students when they cannot even come to a meeting?

I summoned my teachers for a teacher meeting today. 10 am for the morning class, 7 pm for the evening class. Did they show? Out of 10 teachers, only 3 showed; 2 in the morning, 1 in the afternoon. What the heck? I mean, I am their coordinator, I am pulling strings here for them - for THEIR benefit! And they don't even bother to show or to leave message telling me they are not showing.

That's bull, man!

Their manuals have been printed, their printables have been scheduled, their teachers books have been received... and yet nada! Seriously, next time I'll go Cartman on them and tell them that there will he Punch and Pie.

I guess I'll have something on them next time they want to ask for an early leave, hum?


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