I envy other blogs

I dunno why. I envy other blogs. Probably because they get more views than mine. I am not doing this to get attention. I am doing this so I won't go postal on people and start throwing homework bullets left and right.

I am on sleep-deprived rampage. I couldn't sleep. I have been having this nightmarish dream in which I am in a teacher meeting and I have to present a material I know nothing about. Then, my old school teachers are there and they are all pointing their avocados at me and threatening to trow them. I get saved by using my Superman cape.

I ain't kidding. A real superman cape.

I get all excited at the beginning of a new school year. It's like getting a brand-new box of chocolates and expecting them to be all good and then you find one or two that taste like old ladies farts... Is that even possible? and more interestingly, how in the world do I know how an old lady's fart tastes like? Am I going around doing that in my sleep?



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