It's HOT

I hate this. I mean, I expect January to have wintery weather, not the heat wave.

Oh well... I guess I'll have to sigh away my wishes that it snows in Juarez any time soon. I mean, what the heck am I expecting if we live in the desert?

Classes will begin next week. This weekend, however, is the Teacher's Knowledge Test certification module III class. Basically, a person from Mexico city flies in and gives the course to 25 teachers who inscribed in it so that at the end we do this Cambridge certification test and get our certification as teachers. It's kind of cool, I mean, there is nothing as funny as the sight of teachers suddenly becoming the student and facing the fact that there are some things that they had no idea they were teaching ("I know that -- I just didn't know what it was CALLED!")

Teachers --- they crack me up.


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