News, and tigers and bears --- Oh MY!

It seems odd to be at school and all of a sudden become the Dean's leading lady in programming ALL the events the school has for 2009... and at the same time to have the brain to figure out how to drink a hot cup of coffee.

Well, the school has scheduled a whole lot of activities that just makes me look at the board and go @___@ at it. If we could only have half of these things done, it will be a successful year. Funny bid, the Dead did not know when Semana Santa is.. so the vacation schedule is still in hiatus since he cannot believe that it starts on the 6th. Dude, it's in the SEP calendar!

I have a new blog I am following. See on the sides? It's the Scholastic Scribe blog. Yes, I do realize we have the same layout, so what? I found it good and funny, and the main reason I do this is to find teaching blogs that can help me become a better teacher. English teacher. As a biology teacher I have done my time. I think that I will exchange the time I was teaching at that high school for served time in hell...

Have to get me my own camera. I need to post pictures.


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