and the hits just keep coming...

I found out that one of my teachers is bailing out.

No, he didn't have the decency of coming to me directly and tell me. I had to find out via students of other courses he's giving in this university -- and then I confirmed it through the Academics Coordinator.

What in tha--! I moved hours for this teacher. I actually fought for his hours so he could teach English VII, VIII, and IX. The department fought vs administration for him not to pay the TKT course (which he never even showed, btw) I took him in to this school -- and he doesn't even has the courtesy of telling me he is leaving today. TODAY! He doesn't even give me the chance to look for a substitute! I mean, it's a matter of common sense, honesty, and decency!

I don't know... I believe in giving at least a week's notice. When I left the high school I was teaching at, I gave them a month's notice before I said bye-bye. The students found out I was leaving a week ahead. But they had time to find my substitute, to train them into the school's system.



8:51 pm...

He has called my phone and told me (via phone) that he was not going to give the class this afternoon (his class starts at 7:00 pm, by the way). I asked him to bring me the material and books that the school had provided him with.

Let's see if he shows up tomorrow.

Oh! I had to tell his class to reunite again on Wednesday. I hope that I can find a good substitute by then.

Let's have a moment to laugh... we all need it...

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