Monday Monday...

It's the beginning of a new week and already something wicked this way comes...

One of my teachers, Mr Venegas, teaches an administrative class and he has told the students (since last week) that he is no longer going to be able to teach the class because he is leaving for Mexico City in a week. He has also told this to the Social Sciences coordinator.

Has he had the decency to tell me this? No.

Here's the deal: he teaches English VII. The class began last week. He is leaving me one week to find a new teacher, train him to the teaching model we have here, give the teacher the week's trial... a whole bunch of burning circles that this teacher has to jump through like a circus poodle. And the frikky part of it is that he saw me, this morning, and still -- NADA! I mean, dude! WTF?!

Well... that and the fact that my car got a flat tire today hahaha! I was supposed to go out and pay for the electric bill, but now I have to fix my car's tire. Poor baby!

The class in the morning has been behaving. So far, so good. I have started a blog-program, where students have to go on-line and start their own blogs. They're pretty lazy, and even though it only takes a few minutes, they're still relentless about doing it. Today I have left a week-long assignment in which they will have to log in to the university's web site and post their blogs even if it kills them (THEM, why should it have to kill me?)

... I'm in the mood for Chinese...


BREAKING UP IS HARD TO DO... ESPECIALLY IF YOU DO THESE THINGS: In her book, A Girlfriend's Guide to Getting Over Him, author Sandra Ann Miller lays down the law for the brokenhearted. She's created ten essential ground rules to prevent the recently split from making the most common breakup mistakes...

1. I will not call him… even if I am convinced it will make me feel better. I will not call him even to get my stuff. I'll have a friend do that, preferably via e-mail.

2. I will not email him… Not even an innocent or funny group e-mail forward.

3. I will not frequent the places I know he goes… even if I went there first and like it better. I know going to such places will hurt more than it will help.

4. I will not encourage or allow friends to do anything foolhardy… even with my best interests at heart. This includes talking to him when they see him in public to let him know he is a jerk and he'll never do better than me, or to share that I'm looking fabulous, got a promotion, and am dating George Clooney.

5. I will screen all of my calls. I will not answer the phone unless I know who it is and I'm sure it's not him.

6. I will not take his phone calls. I repeat -- I will not take his calls.

7. I will not return his phone calls or e-mails. If he is "just checking" to see how I am, I know he is really just checking to see if I think he's a jackass. He is looking for an ego stroke, not to get back together.

8. I will not look for signs that we will get back together. This includes asking the Magic-8 Ball or psychics, or your horoscope.

9. I will not believe this is temporary. I will see this as permanent until proven otherwise by concrete actions, immense apologies, and couple's therapy.

10. I will not hide under a rock, be humiliated or ashamed that this relationship ended. For all I know, this could be the best thing that ever happened to me.

I promise to abide by these vows for at least thirty days, or until I have gotten over him, whichever is longer. This I do affirm. So help me.


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