Bad Bad Students!

Twenty five minutes later, my students show up for their SECOND day of class. I just put up a very comprehensive smile and proceeded to remind them that they had already 2 missed classes. Three more, and they were GONE.

This did not have a happy effect on them. They went on a rant about how they _paid_ for school and basically the "who the fuck is you---?" deal. Yeah, you pay for classes... not for goofing off.

I was wondering what is Valentine's day today gonna look like.

I was tempted on going all pathetic and send myself some flowers... then again, that would be selling myself short, so I'll send me flowers and chocolate...

JEWELRY?! Are you crazy! I can't afford gasoline for my car, much less jewelry on myself! haha!


5. Flowers and candy? HOW LAME! I'll send myself a PACK OF CONDOMS with a note that says "See you tonight, SEXY!"

4. A bottle of cheap-ass vodka that says "drink yourself silly and imagine your date easier"

3. Vicodin

2. A hooker! And make him dance the hootie dootie on top of your desk. Call on your friends and say "see? He LIKES ME!"

1. A hooker that brings condoms, a bottle of cheap ass vodka and drink your ass off while popping frigging vicodin like multi-vitamins.


Mamacita (Mamacita)

Sounds like a plan to me. A GOOD plan.

Four weeks into the semester, and a boy came to class today for the first time. He hasn't bought his book yet. He wanted all the missed work and a time-frame to buy the book and get it done. He wanted to know the minimum work needed to pass, because he's got a cold and a part-time job.

Yes, I feel your pain. It hurts.

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