It's a matter of PRIDE

Well... I don't know what's wrong with this blog. Can you read it properly? Because it keeps coming back all fuzzy or with no words. Please, let me know so I can poke the blogger people's ribs.

Today on school I finally had it. The matter of me versus the accountants (Edith and Coral) has gone to new levels. It was like this: last September, the English classes began and as usual, I ordered some books. The books came, I gave the accountants the receipts so they could pay them. The procedure goes like this: students go and pay their books with Edith and then they come to me with their paper slips (to prove they have paid) and I take the little paper and give them the book. All books delivered to student's hands were books that were paid. Now, books that did not sell, were returned to book provider. With me so far? Good. Now, book provider tells Edith that she is one payment missing. She then goes ahead and tells the book people that the one in charge of all that is moi. Book people contact me and ask me about this. I say, "well, let me see what's going on here".

Edith swears (almost to her mother's grave) that there is no more money to pay for those books. O____o How---what---HUM? I-- I don't understand. I mean, those books were PAID FOR by students, what do you mean no more money??? Well, no. And she doesn't know why or how, but somehow I have to fix it. December came, everyone went on vacation, I told her to give me all her original payment slips. Coral did. Coral even went as far as to help me out to see how many books we sold. Our numbers did not match Edith's. In fact, NO ONE'S NUMBERS match Edith's. So today, in round number 4 of the match, the Dean of the school came in and I told him I needed to talk to him. I explained what had been going on with the books (and to my surprise, Edith and Coral had not updated him on the issue) and asked if it was my responsibility to deal with this since a). I had NOTHING TO DO WITH MONEY OR PAYMENTS MADE TO THE SCHOOL and b). I had the proofs that book paid, book delivered. He was sort of shocked to hear that Edith had leaned the responsibility of this to me (since I had nothing to do with the money handled) and called upon an urgent meeting to deal with the problem. Edith started to say that she had no money and that there was no possible way to prove that the school owed that money. I pulled out the statements that the book dealer send via fax to her (and that she dumped over to me) and went with evil French laugh "On Contraire!!!"

Round 4 goes to the panda girl.

Tomorrow the conclusion of the Book Adventure.

Now, to take the OTHER bull by the horns...

The TKT Certification Exams... Teachers have not paid. I cannot order the exams if teachers do not pay...

More on that... later....


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