Bang a Drum, Bang it Loudly!!!

"Say it with your heart and soul and believe it"

Today was round number 4 or 6 or whatever, I am so excited because AT LAST, the books were paid for!!!

(party party party)

And I mean, com'on... you pay notes that you're not supposed to? PLEASE... So, happy to have that ordeal out of the way. Next one? TKT.

I have good feelings about it. I am gonna keep all my positive attitude so that everything goes on smoothly.

Agh! The English VII students are driving me crazy! Their new teacher, Mr Paul did not come on Tuesday. Granted... but why in the world did they think it was a good idea to miss class on Wednesday, Thursday, and today? Three days? Those are three absences --- OUT OF FIVE!!! It's just screwed up... we contacted them and finally got a hold of one. He swears on his grandmother's Bible that the teacher has not come all week. Me and the Administrative coordinator just looked at eachother and then at Mr Paul. "Well," Gaby (the A.C.) said, "then I've been seeing a ghost all week or what?"

Monday -- a rumble on the bronx.

Ooooh! I got invited to the Congreso Latinoamericano de Literatura Contemporanea!! Yeah! I get to see the newest in the Mexican Literature... and if I'm lucky, I might get some cards to send the book over. Yessss....

Bang a drum.. bang it loudly!!!


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