Praise Yee Lord of Thy Shall be Cool!

Blue Monday, I hate blue monday... have to work...

I can see why Garfield hated Mondays.

I have this perfspot thingie. I don't remember ever placing my name on it. But, apparently, a lot of people want to become my friend. Why are we so eager to become someone's friend on-line and yet never acknowledge them when we see them on the street or even on a msg? No. We just want to be their friend because having a lot of friends on the MySpace page seems cool.

Who _defines_ cool? A question I want an answer to. Who is this all-knowing god of coolness who defines who is cool and who is not cool. And, if you are cool at some point in your life, does this coolness survive other days or does it vanish just like youth?

Do you consider yourself to be cool? I have seen lots of kids who actually convince themselves that if they are not cool they might as well be dead. Life's over, I'm not cool enough, somebody shoot me. What's funny is that what they consider to be cool, at one point might not have been. For example, I remember that having skulls and dragons stickers on your notebooks or backpacks was a symbol of you being screwed up in the head -- mainly, you worshiped the devil and hence your eternal soul was damned. But now, it's cool. The devil is cool...

Satan must be laughing at my brain right about now.


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