I love to say Fat Tuesday... I imagine is this fat day with a top hat and a beaded collar going all around the town screaming "FAT TUESDAY!" and laughing like a mad mad marshmallow man. Yeah, I know... It annoys the bejezus out of people when I go around screaming FAT TUESDAY!...

So, looking around to see if I can find a decent picture of a panda celebrating FAT TUESDAY (apparently there is none), I found this one...

HOW CUTE... or disturbing? Because I can't help but to wonder if the owner of this dog has an issue with Pandas or if the dog was actually BORN a dog-panda... If it's the first one I feel sorry for the lady because that chow-chow will get even somehow.

Today was the "CULTURE CLASH" celebration at class. It's the 24th of February, so not only it's FAT TUESDAY but it's also Flag Day in Mexico... so, in the sight of having so many cultural and civics diversities, the class has to prepare a 10 minute presentation about cultures... last year, one of the presentations was from Italy. The girl brought pizza and wine to the class. We got to eat the pizza and got hammered with the wine. Then, on the afternoon class, one of the teams presented Russia as their culture project... yeah, needless to say, the Vodka was good.

"It's a FAT TUESDAY MIRACLE!" (Miss Suky's words as she has found her "lost books" today)

Graphic Design students are nagging and complaining about they having a low score in their work -- all because of bad spelling. I mean, they're in college -- they're SUPPOSED to have AT LEAST a decent knowledge of what spelling is. And I don't mean in English! I mean in Spanish. They're all bitchy because of this. Dudes, you're graphic designers... bad spelling can be the cause of your bad business.

Fat Tuesday... and tomorrow is Ash Wednesday. Most students here won't come because they're under the wrong impression that school should give them their "religious moment" and thus they can escape the reality that is the Mexican school system, which is completely separated from church. Personally, the idea of having ashes placed on my head and make it pretend that this way God knows who I am and blesses me is not my idea of a good time. I mean --- what are these ashes made of? Blessed palms. Are you sure? I mean, how do you know it's not something else, burned and turned into ashes? What if its the dead cat or dog of the lady of the church? You never know in these times of crisis! My friend Tenshi would probably be all up in arms, calling me a non-believer or looking at me in a "shame on you" look.

As far as the weather goes, I can tell that Cuaresma is around the corner. It's windy. As hell. Funny --- it's holy week and it's windy as hell (insert crazy laughter here). I hate holy week's food. No, let me rephrase that. The only holy week food I LOVE is CAPIROTADA.

And peeps...

All hail the Peeps....


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