Ash Wednesday coming on Thursday

It was Ash Wednesday yesterday and there was NO WIND!!! I mean, Ash Wednesday is not Ash Wednesday without wind here in Juarez... gaaaah!

Yesterday was also the "Last Wednesday" meeting -- every last Wednesday the Dean gets all the students and teachers together to have this meeting and talk about important stuff. This time it was to welcome the new students to the university and to tell us the sad-long story of why is the main road that leads to the university is still dirt.

I have been at this school for two years now... and the school has been here for about 15... and it's still time that the road that leads to the school's gate is not paved. And in front of the gates there is this water canal that just screams "fall in!" every time we go out in our poor cars (mine is already demanding suspension maintenance)... The Dean went on for, like, thirty minutes telling the story of the oger and the fair prince who tried to convince the oger (the oger being our neighbors from down the road) to pull together and pave the street.

Then, it was time to give out the awards for the best averages last semester. In the afternoon it was all smooth sailings, but in the morning all the high averages were outside, smoking a cigarette and just slacking off. The dean was not happy. The sheer image of that made him all pissy and he took it out on the first teacher he saw fit to. No, not me... but I pitied the soul.

I had the fist capirotada of the season yesterday... well, it was more like the first two capirotadas of the season. One was brought by my mother, who said she was in the mood for some pipian gorditas (or as my friend Eidrien calls them --- fatties) and she went all the way downtown to get them (lame-ass excuse to see her boyfriend, m-kay?) and the second one was brought by a neighbor, and even though my father tried to persuade us that he did not take a bite out of it, the plate was evidence enough for me to suspect that not only did he took a bite out but that he pretty much took a whole chunk on his way in. They were both pretty good --- the neighbor's capirotada leads the way.

It's 9:56 a.m. In 4 minutes I have to go to class and give my best to make these people understand why is important for them to know how to write coherent pieces of information in English. They tend to believe it's not necessary up until they sit in front of the computer and see that the TOEFL examination requires them to write their little fingerish souls out. Then, I get to see grown men cry and cradle as they start to suck on their thumb.

Oh, how the mighty fall!


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