Persepolis and the Teacher


It's Friday, ladies and gentleman, and as we all know, the day calls for celebration, party madness, and whoo-haa.

Madness began today, when Presidente Calderon said that the US is WRONG -- that the Mexican government is NOT losing the war to criminals and that it's all under control. Mr Presidente... ARE YOU INSANE? I mean, really, for shizel, are you, like, MENTAL? As your secretary of state, your secretary of defense, the governor of Chihuahua, and the Juarez Mayor got together in this city to talk about what should it be done against the drug war, a man was gunned down NOT TOO FAR from your people was at!! And there was helicopters, and soldiers, and AFIS, and Police men, and all kinds of circus media! Oh, let's not forget the bomb threats to the airport (that remained closed), the justice department offices, the universities, some government offices! Hah! And you say it's under control? In what COUNTRY do you LIVE IN?!

People! Ay-yay-yay!

But, returning to rather more pleasant news... Next week we're going to have this big palooza breakfast with the head honchos of Bachilleres (the public high school). The target is to get them to enroll more students into our fair university and they're using English as their main tool. So, I have to do a presentation about the English program and how it can benefit the students. I hope we can do a good job about it. Can't wait. It's gonna be in a very classy hotel... and the plus part is that I get to see my old high school teachers since they have now become principals and coordinators of the school. Ah!

Then, on Suky's class, we saw this movie, "Persepolis". I liked it very much. I could find a trailer of it to place it here. I most def. wanna get the dvd...

It's very cool that Suky and David have such great movies.

Thank you all for tuning in... and remember... it only seems kinky the first time.


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