Poker Panda

Yes. It was a Saturday evening and this Panda got an invite to go and learn how to play Vegas-style poker. This Panda never knew she could be such an evil poker player. Pandas can be evil and good poker players and thus, make the dealer suffer with their keen bluffs. Then, the goat jokes were not absent. My friend Suky has this scarf that looks more like a half-burka than anything else. As I put it on, I suddenly became the Afghan Panda (no offense to Afghan people or to Afghan anything, it's just the way it is)... and I wanted to trade anything for goats... and then the lucky goat came into play and to make a long story short and witty, it ended-up being a hell of a good evening that ended with Suky asking me for condoms.

Yes, I have a box of condoms on the back of my car.

At three o' clock in the morning, it looked as if I was dealing drugs in the middle of the street.

That same day, but in the morning, my mother wanted to go to El Paso. To go to El Paso is programming yourself to be stuck in border-town traffic bridge for an hour, three tops. The purpose of going to El Paso was to go and see if they had good shoes. Because my mother is a woman, thus, cannot live without shoes. I dunno what happened that I became such a panda. Anywho, I took the opportunity to see if the mail room had, indeed, delivered my friend Paula's box and to deliver a letter to my friend Andrew, in prison. Paula's package was still there only God knows why (I didn't wanna go into details, but needless to say that I growled like I haven't growled before) and then I send the letter. Sunday morning, I found out that the letter I send was nothing more than an empty envelope and that the letter that I was to send was in my car... I just hope that the Jester 3 pen doesn't think I send over some Anthrax or anything like that. The least that Andrew needs is the suspicion that he's been receiving viruses across the border.

Plus, the way the economy is right now, I don't have the money to buy viruses on the black market, now do I?

(And even if I did, I have bigger fish to fry)

So --- where was I? Oh yes... Letter. So Now I'm thinking that there must be something wrong with this letter because this is my third attempt to send it and it goes astray.

Students from my two English classes had their presentations today. The morning group had the assignment to research about cultures. See, the book says "ask the people from another country about their culture" and since, well, we're in Mexico, we're all MEXICANS, and hence that activity would be kind of dull if everyone says "well... it's the same thing" (because they are all from this city. It would be cool if they were from another part of Mexico). Their presentations were of Thailand, North Korea, Japan, South Africa, Canada, France, India, Egypt, and China. I sort of expected images and cool presentations, but today I realized that these people have been deprived of their "let's make it pretty" factor... I cannot believe the lack of creativity they displayed! It was like --- ok, I'm gonna read from the screen and then I'm gonna ask if there are any questions and if you say no, I'll say no when you're presenting. I was pissed at them because they had two weeks to prepare it and they come up with dog do-do.

The evening class, on the other hand, had to present food. They're in their third level (the morning class is in their fifth level) so their English is poor -- they have a better disposition to learn than the morning class. Their presentations had less time to prepare (I gave them three days) and they did a great job. Plus, they got me and the rest hungry. V good kids -- V good!

Ay si! "Kids" The youngest amongst these people is 35.. (in the morning their ages range from 17 -- 25... could it be that their lack of enthusiasm to the classes they are taking is because they're young or is it because they're lazy or just because God wants it like this?)


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