Crashing down

Holy Mother----!! My computer crashed yesterday afternoon. Most of the files I had were recovered... but my pandas and the programs I had on this computer were goooone... Yeah, I know - I should get an external drive. I _know_ but I am such a klutz that I will lose it. I just know it.

So today, at coffee shop, downloading what I can.

School has been okay. Oh! On Friday, we had the meeting with the High School district. It went superb... The funny moment came when one of the teachers recognized me from ye old high school days. I think that in part this was one of the main reasons why they got so charmingly open -- he was very proud of me having being one of his students. Actually, three of my old teachers were there. No longer teachers, they all are now directives. Good for them! So now, the university has open doors to the Colegio de Bachilleres schools. I think this is very good indeed. Then, as we got back to school grounds, the Graphic Design class had organized a hamburger broil-out to welcome the new students on to the campus. It was fun to be around them, listening to all their hopes and aspirations as they embark on this new adventure in their lives. I sure hope that they continue with those high spirits all the way through.

A brand-new week is upon us. I think it will be rather interesting to see it. It's the last week of the evening class.


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