Reboot, Reload... It's like The MATRIX!!!!

And as did Jesus walked amongst the living on the third day, my computer gets all better on the third day as well.

(And the toopics for the day
will embrace your brain today
and the suuuun won't set for youuuuu)

Topic No. 1: Monday -- I hate blue Mondays. But today was gray --- it was cloudy.

Topic No. 2: English VII students in the afternoon have an on and off love relationship with their teacher. The guy gets here late, and granted, they have things to do and he shouldn't be here late, but when he calls and tells them that he's on his way and then he gets here and the students are not, then how in the world am I supposed to defend them. I mean, what would you do? What would Jesus' dog do?

Topic No. 3: The books are here. I managed to get the book distributor to send us some books. The student body has one week to get them. They are going to use these books next module too. I have down price them from 300 pesos to 240. Are they taking it seriously? Of course not!

Topic No. 4: Cake
. I wanted Mr David's cake today. It's his B-Day (happee B day David!) He's OLD AS DIRT!!! (34 in Panda years). On Saturday (David's non-official birthday party), a topic came into mind as we were playing spin the bottle in which the idea of having Nietzsche and Marx tattooed on ass and then moving ass to make them kiss was somewhat disturbing.

Topic No. 5: Pandas still ROCK!!! (better than chickens and kick koalas ass any day)

Topic No. 6: Almost burned house down while lighting a candle yesterday
. Mother was upset because of it. Next time, I'll just let the flame burn my hand and fingers to a crisp, MOM!

Topic No. 7: Dad does not want to go to Doctor
. We are tying him up and DRAGGING him... by his nuts if necessary.

Topic No. 8: Miguel Bose is NOT GAY
... and even if he is, he's still DAMN HOT.

Topic No. 9: Cuaresma food sucks
! (No wonder it's a penance)

Topic No. 10: Several cantinas closed during the weekend
. The Chamucos and the Ole are the most popular ones in the list. They closed because of minors inside the premises. Meanwhile, the skank-ass hole called El Gallito is still open for business and showing 89-year-old strippers hunch down using a nail...

oh yeah... and on saturday? Mr David had another cake and we used an ELMO candle... it was funny to see his eyes melt...

"BURN! You USELESS CUTE MUPPET!" -- Paul's quote as Elmo began to cry


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