La Fuerza del Destino (The Force of Destiny)

Today I had it. It's been in and off, but today I just had it.

I quit being a site's administrator.

The reasons are many. Mostly because apparently I didn't had the "tough love" bone that it's required for the gig. I had told the owner of the site that if she felt that I wasn't cutting it for it, then that she should just "release me from my duties" but apparently the message did not get through. And it's one thing to bash me for my lousy administrative stunts (I admit, I am lousy at being a bossy figure since I don't have a mean boss bone in my body) but to question the true nature of my actions, be called a "so-called buddy" and to say things like "I question the nature of your friendship" (I'm quoting here, cannot recall what was the exact message) then that's just psychological/emotional torture. I do not take it from my sister, surely I will not take it from anyone else. Not even from the squirrel. So, screw this, I said... and this panda opted for the release of the duties. It was tough. It was painful. But in the end it's like removing a band-aid. The first few days the wound will be painful and the words will be hurtful, but I did what I did because I didn't want to take that kind of stress anymore.

At the same time I wasn't going to go just like that. I had done a lot for that page, and hence I took all my material from it (e books, articles, images, etc). For that, I shall be known as a bitch. I just know it. And I savor it. Because I know that what I did was right for me.

Bless them and their page and I hope that they turn out to be fine.

In other news...

Tomorrow is the big trip to Villa Ahumada. Miss Suky, David and myself are going to go to eat quesadillas. Yeah, that's the whole business of the trip -- to go eat quesadillas. All the way to Villa Ahumada. Just like that. I just hope that the car makes it hahaha... It will. I have faith in my angels and in my baby. So quesadillas it will be.

Miss the good old days... but I'm gonna make NEW good old days! :D

Y hoy
me siento vivo -wo-ho-ho ho!!!

Let it be, let it be.... let it be.


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